Goddess JessiBelle – Old Man’s Therapist Fantasy

You have been coming here for a while now but I don’t feel like there has been much progress. I want to help you so let’s go over this. You are an older man that likes younger women, you want younger women not ones your own age. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting to be with younger adult women, but the problem is that you expect these women to want you. You think that your experience will make women want you. Being older doesn’t mean you are worthy. We have been going over this for sometime and honestly I think it is best that we just dive right in and I will tell you what you really need to hear.You are an old man that has been through a lot of things, I know a lot about you. You tell me these things about you then wonder why women don’t want you. The problem isn’t the attraction to younger women, it is that you are a loser.What can you even offer a woman? Younger women are especially not attracted to you, this old man loser. YOU are the problem. I am a younger woman and I can see that you have an interest in me. Let’s make a little deal here, I will let you look at me, jerk to me. If you can make it to the end of the session without cumming then you can just pay me my normal rate, but if you cum before the end you will pay me double my rate and I will see you next week. I want to help you, I want to help you get laid, but I think you need to realize that as an loser old man you have nothing to offer!Do you think you can make it through my teasing or do you think you will cum before it is over?
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