Nov 212020

Goddess Tangent – Chastity Cum Guzzler

Goddess Tangent – Chastity Cum Guzzler
Goddess Tangent has her stretched out slut bent over a chair, His cock is caged and his hole is pulsing for her. Goddess Tangent has on a nice big black cock for her obedient bitch. She orders him to spread his cheeks for her as she enters him. The slave cries while she begins to fill him, but all that does is make her more excited. She begins pounding his ass rhythmically as he continues crying and thanking his Goddess for fucking his ass. She orders him off the chair onto the floor and he obeys immediately, face down ass up like a good whore. Goddess Tangent pounds his slut hole in several different positions; He’s going to have to work if he wants to be allowed to cum. She finally lets him out of his cage and continues fucking her slave while he’s on his back stroking his dick. The ass slut begs her to let him cum, and explodes immediately after she permits him to. Goddess Tangent stuffs his mouth with his cum and he cleans up every last drop like good slut should!
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