G0ld Fever

The evil super villain known as Darkside had just fought in a tremendous battle! But despite losing her power belt she did manage to get away and she also got away with a box of gold doubloons and some diamonds. Now safely back in her lair, Darkside, played by the sexy Chi Chi Medina is excited beyond belief at what she sees as her good fortune. So Darkside relaxes on her so called bed and letting her excitement turn sexual she strips and decides its time to orgasm! Darkside uses her fingers, her hitachi and then her dildo. She brings herself to multiple orgasm. Finally, as the super villain is laying nude on her bed exhausted from her self pleasuring fun, she hears the door to her lair open. Before she can react a gas knocks the super villain into s***p. Darkside awakens sometime later to find herself hogtied! She struggles only to discover her gold has been stolen as well as her costume. Darkside struggles mightily until she gets free. Then she vows she is going after her gold.
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