May 132016

Huntrex  D0minati0n & Submissi0ns

Huntrex  D0minati0n & Submissi0ns
Huntrexxx awakes to find that her face is all over the news as a wanted criminal for the alleged theft of a golden apple. Upon closer examination to the room, she finds a mysterious note that instructs her to arrive at a location if she wants her name cleared and revenge. Who could be giving themselves up so freely? The Huntrexxx arrives at the location and a woman appears, dressed similar to bat woman, to state that she is a part of the gang that had and violated her when she was younger. If Huntrexxx wants revenge, she’ll need to defeat her or re-live the gruesome experience.Chrissy Danie;sFighting, K-O, Sleepy, forced stripping and fondling, domination and sex, simulated fucking and finger penetration, lift-and-carry, girl/girl kissing, humiliation, masks, gloves, boots, latex, corsets, catsuits, fishnets, topless nudity, super superheroine strength, and throat choking.
Keywords: chrissy daniels, amazon women, tape bondage, submissive superheroines, rope bondage, struggle, helpless damsels, forced orgasms, choke holds, superheroines, sleepy, angelique kithos, esclavitud, ball gag
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Info :
Size : 884.48 MiB
Duration : 00:15:43
Resolution : wmv3, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 8000 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r)
Format : WMV

Download – Lezdom_Hunter.part1.rar
Download – Lezdom_Hunter.part2.rar
Download – Lezdom_Hunter.part3.rar

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