Forever A Virgin

Look at Me in this sexy lingerie. Outfits like these were just made to be fucked in-but you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you? lol no…you’re just a pathetic little virgin who has never felt the pure ecstasy of sliding your cock in a warm wet pussy. And let’s face it: you probably never will. You see, I’ve kind of ruined you sexually. Even if some poor desperate girl finally agreed to have sex with you, you probably couldn’t get hard with her because she wouldn’t look like Me, and she couldn’t possibly understand that humiliation is what really gets you turned on. So you just sit at home, and jerk-off to My clips, like the pathetic little virgin boy that you are. Now cum for Me, you little addict: this is what your dick was made for.
This clip features elements of: Femdom POV,Masturbation Humiliation,Masturbation Instruction,Brat Girls, Virgin Humiliation
tags:Jerk Off Instructions,JOI,Masturbation Instructions,Femdom Pov ,mind fuck

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