Nov 172020

[Evolvedfightslez] EVL294 – Alexa Nova vs Luna Sapphire (04 03 2020) 1080p

[Evolvedfightslez] EVL294 – Alexa Nova vs Luna Sapphire (04 03 2020) 1080p
Alexa Nova isn’t the biggest girl on the roster, she is FAAAAR from it. She’s a petite all natural red head with dangerous legs that can grapevine anyone and hold them down. Luna Sapphire is a model and clearly NOT a wrestler however one does not need to be a great wrestler to do well here on Evolved Fights Lez. What Luna DOES need to do is out seduce Alexa. If Luna can get Alexa turned on and cumming, Luna just may take the victory. I will tell you that BOTH girls cum in round 3. But rules state that the first one to cum is the loser so rules are rules. The prize round of this match has mean lesbian strap on fucking with hair pulling and strap on fucking. The winner sits on the losers face and uses her face as a sex toy. The winner cums hard on the losers face and leaves her on the mats twitching from orgasm.
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Duration: 00:43:49 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 1.03 GB

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