Mar 152020

evolvedfightslez –  Ariel X & Lotus Lain – Brazen Bull Vs The Natural

evolvedfightslez –  Ariel X & Lotus Lain – Brazen Bull Vs The Natural
Lotus Lain is a Natural. She has never wrestled before but she has been under the tutelage of Kelli Provocateur and she comes in ready to kick ass. Sometimes people underestimate Ariel. They think she does fake wrestling and her reputation is just some wild conspiracy that comes about from clever marketing. But Ariel is the real deal. She trains every day, sometimes two times a day. She competes in tournaments for authentic sports federations regularly and she has a room filled with gold medals. Lotus didn’t get the memo. She came in really confident and not knowing what was about to hit her. To her credit, however, Lotus is very very good and had a great strategy. She is able to hold Ariel on top of her while she makes Ariel take her lesbian pussy licking ( which everyone knows is Ariel’s weakness) While Lotus may not have as much mat experience as Ariel has, she sure does have the sexual appetite it takes to win and it just might be enough to through Ariel off her guard and make her cum against her will. This match shows exactly how powerful the will and mindset are. Lotus does an incredible thing today and will go down as one of the best rookies ever to set foot onto the mats. Winner dominates…
Body Scissors, Facesitting, Fingers In The Pussy, Fit Women, Foot on Head, Lift And Carry, Strap On Fucking, Tribbing, Winner Fucks Loser.
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