Nov 272020 – Stephie Staar – The Psycho Vs Scarlet – Stephie Staar – The Psycho Vs Scarlet
Tony Orlando has yet to win a match. He is taking on a Rookie, Stephie Staar and Tony thinks because he has more experience on Evolved Fights that he will be able to take the “W” Today. Conditioning is the enemy of one of these wrestlers. Wrestling is one of the most demanding physical sports in the world and if one is not conditioned then he or she will not fare well in our matches. Both wrestlers really want to win. Tony shows promise as he comes out hard in the first round. He is able to pin his opponent and he is constantly going for sex points even if he’s on the bottom. One wrestler expends too much too fast and must quit. Because the wrestler quits, they end up getting the ultimate humiliation. We do “real time bondage”. The winner taunts the loser with verbal humiliation and a warning of things that they are about to do to the loser after the loser is tied up and imobilized. The loser is tickled while bound, the loser if fucked in the asshole and then eats the cock right after it comes out of the loser ass. That’s right the winner makes the loser to Ass to Mouth ATM. Then the winner squirts pee all over the loser after the loser is denied an orgasm.
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