Jan 102021

Eva de Vil – The Toy Maker

Eva de Vil – The Toy Maker
Every year, millions of unwanted toys get tossed into the abyss. You don’t want to be one of them, do you bitch? And you don’t want to kept back in my gruelling workshop for another year of training either.

You have 5 criteria to pass on before I can hand you off as a worthy toy to your new owner: etiquette, service, orgasm retention, pain and sodomy.

We’ll go through a brief test on each point. Of course, your new mistress will train you further and she may have all manner of trials in store for you.

Finally, with a devious smile, I make you beg me to give you a pass. I hold the power for your future. If you ever want to make it to your new home, it’s me you must please.
femdom pov,forced bi,strapon pov,joi humiliation

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