Jan 072021

Dommelia – Bitch Housemate Finds Out You’re A Sissy

Dommelia – Bitch Housemate Finds Out You’re A Sissy
Oh..My..God! What the fuck are you doing you little freak?! What are you doing in my room?! Are you wearing MY panties?? I always knew you were a little sissy loser! I know you already hated living with me because I’m such a bitch but believe me things are going to get so much worse now! I’ll really turn you into a sissy! I’m going to put makeup on you, humiliate and tease you and even make you suck my dildo. And, I’m going to film it, hahaha! Now I have so much evidence on you I could ruin your pathetic life, so you’re mine now you dumb little fuck!
feminization,sissification,sissy training,forced bi,corssdressing

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