Queen Elastica – Intense Pantyhose Edging & CEI For Pantyhose Sluts

I want to make you my pretty pantyhose slut. I want you to experience how good it feels to have pantyhose wrapped around your dick. I want you to feel pretty for me. I want you to feel good in pantyhose. Put them on. Feel them hugging your legs and cradling your cock. It feels good having those pantyhose against your dick, doesn’t it? I think you like it, I think it’s making you hard. Cup your fingers around the shaft and pull up and down, just with your fingertips, teasing your head, up and down.

Now cup those balls, they feel good in pantyhose, don’t they? Cup them up and down, squeeze the shaft. It feels so good having your cock wrapped in pantyhose while you tease your cock through your pantyhose. You’re my good little pantyhose slut, aren’t you? Now tease that spot under the tip through your pantyhose. Just tease it, edge it. Roll your hand over the tip. It’s making you so horny.

Feel your throbbing cock pressing against those pantyhose. That feels so nice. Now grab the whole shaft through the pantyhose and jerk it. Milk it up and down. Now rub gentle circles with your hand around your cock through the pantyhose. Yes, I know how good that feels to your cock. More little circles around the tip. We’re going to tease the fuck out of your cock. It feels so good being my pantyhose slut, doesn’t it? You just want to be my little whore in pantyhose. Keep your hand on the outside and pump it up and down.

Now hold the shaft and point the tip into the pantyhose. Feel the head against those pantyhose and then play with the tip. Keep rubbing the tip into those pantyhose. Pump into those pantyhose. Stroke the shaft up and down. Just keep edging your cock in your pantyhose. I know how horny this is making you. You feel like you could cum at any moment in those pantyhose. You love the way it feels. Pantyhose edging is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

I know you’re so close, you want to cum in those pantyhose, you want to stain them with your milk. I want you to make them messy. I want you to cum in those pantyhose. Rub the tip against those pantyhose. You’re going to cum in them. And then you’re going to take them off and suck the cum out of those pantyhose. You’re going to suck them clean. It’s time for you to make a mess. Pump up and down against those pantyhose, it feels so good. You’re my messy, thirsty little slut, aren’t you? You want that milk. You feel like such a good little slut in your pantyhose. Up and down, up and down, and cum for me, cum in those pantyhose you messy little whore.

Now take them off and clean up your mess. Take them off and suck them clean. Suck the cum from those pantyhose. Stuff them into your mouth and clean them like a good little slut. You’re my little pantyhose cum eating slut.
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