Dec 062020

Dakota Charms – Too Good For God

Dakota Charms – Too Good For God
I think Christianity is damn fucking stupid. Fuck you Jesus. You were probably suicidal instead of dying for our sins. Are you kidding me about the Virgin Mary? How can you worship this lord and then eat his body? How can people believe those magical places like heaven or hell? You’re going to die in a little box and decay in the dirt with the bugs because there’s no burning for Christians. Are confessions for real? If you steal and confess, you’re forgiven? You’re an idiot for believing in this god damn lie. This is your precious bible and you read passages that are made up stories. I stomp on the bible with my high heels and the stilettos tear pages. I spit on it because it disgusts me. Your precious book is beneath me and I sit and grind on it. I wipe my pussy and ass with the pages because your god won’t smite me. He would have to be real for that to happen. You can pray and hope that he answers your prayers. Good luck with that.
verbal humiliation,verbal abuse,religious,blasphemy

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