Mar 302021

Jasmine Mendez – Low life toilet pig

Jasmine Mendez – Low life toilet pig
Well well we finally meet little Fucking filthy pig ,

You’ve finally built up enough balls to be here under my big Latina Ass, things are about to get nasty and smelly Hahahaha , yes you finally gonna give your stupid life some purpose

I’m going to show you how insignificant you are to me and to the world ,

Your only purpose starting from today is to consume my waste like the Fucking pig that you are , you’re the lowest of the lowest type of slave , let me remind you , you are here to please me and to consume everything I want you to consume, you are not leaving this room till I say so till I Finnish feeding your disgusting and filthy mouth of yours , and you will thank me cause I’m giving your life a fucking meaning, beg beg to consume beg for me to use you Bitch !

Open wide I’ve got a nice big load of sh-it for a sick filthy loser like you , yes you’re a worthless human being , my sh-it is literally worth more than you and money can’t even help you loser , open wide & serve your Goddess.

This is your only purpose in life !!
ass worship,toilet fetish,joi,verbal abuse

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