Aug 262016

Cum Again

Cum Again
I don’t usually tell people that I dabble in mind control. It tends to make people…uncomfortable. But every so often I get cheeky…especially at parties. I love it when people go on and on about what bullshit it is until I literally take them into a deep trance within a matter of minutes. So at my office party tonight I decided to tell my boss about my abilities. He laughed right in my face. I knew he would. He has that arrogant air about him…you know the type. It’s guys like this that I just can’t resist taking over. So I suggest we go into his office where it’s a bit more quiet, there I’ll prove it to him that I can control his mind with my suggestive words very easily. He’s been drinking and so he agrees to indulge me in my little parlour tricks. But he gets a lot more than he bargained for when I start to slip my silvery tongue into his subconscious mind and forcefully take him into a deep deep trance. **It always makes me laugh when people say they can’t be taken into a trance if they don’t want to be. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over when I tell them that that little bit of information has actually been spread by hipn0tists. I mean if people knew that some of us were capable of taking over anyone’s mind at any time…well that wouldn’t be very good for us would it?** I start off by teasing him…I make him strip naked and start masturbating…he’s completely in trance while he sleepily jerks his cock. Then it’s time for a really fun game…I make him unable to lie about anything and start asking him some very personal questions. hahah He starts telling me some incredibly humiliating and taboo fantasies of his hahah I can’t believe how fucked up this guy is. It just keeps getting better and better as he reveals his deepest darkest and dirtiest fantasies. Of course I’m recording all of his confession on my phone to use at a later date but he doesn’t even care as he continues to tell me more and more about his very embarrassing fantasies. In the end I decide the only way to finish off this little session is to have him drink his own cum (you’ll understand why when you hear what he has to say). The poor thing can’t even stop himself as I command him over and over again with his programmed trigger word to jerk off into his own mouth. I allow him to remember everything as I wake him up from his trance and leave him sitting there naked with his own hot cum still on his face.
Clip Contains: I take my boss into a deep trance and make him stroke for the entire duration of the session. I make him confess his dirtiest fantasies and force him to stroke into his own face while I record it on my phone. He confesses some taboo fantasies and some forced bi fantasies. You simply must watch this compelling and intensely humiliating clip!
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