Clover Baltimore and Cory Chase – Brain Drain Steals a Stripper

Clover decides to meet with brain drain to discuss some issues that she’s been having at the strip club where she works. She tells brain drain that she needs a confidence boost and some help with how to handle the men at the strip club. She feels like the men at the club have been taking advantage of her and not tipping her enough for her services! Brain drain tells her that she has some ideas to help calm her anxiety. She starts to help Clover with some deep breathing exercises. Then she puts her hands on the sides of Clover’s head and all of a sudden a green light comes over her! Clover is now under brain drain’s magical spell. “I’m always looking for new talent! I would love to have you strip for my boys, and they would treat you like the goddess that you are!” she tells Clover. Brain drain instructs Clover to take her big tits out and to start playing with them. “Yes, brain drain!” Clover says. Brain drain starts to lick and suck on clover’s nipples. Brain drain tells Clover that she will soon go back to her strip club to recruit more strippers and bring them back for her and her clients. She assures Clover that her clients will worship her and her stripper friends and they will make sure that they all feel appreciated for their work! “Now show me what you do to your clients!” Brain drain tells her. Clover starts to tease brain drain the way that she would tease the men at her club. She even pulls brain drain’s big tits out from under her shirt and starts to worship them. Then Clover stands up and starts to shake her big ass in brain drain’s face. She tells Clover how she wants her to train her clients with her big, round ass! Clover climbs on top of brain drain’s lap and starts to give her a lap dance while brain drain licks Clover’s big titties that are in her face right now. “Suck on my gorgeous boobs so you can gain my powers of manipulation!” Brain drain tells Clover, and she does as she is told. Then she sends Clover out to go get her stripper friends and bring them back to brain drain’s house to worship her…
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