Nikki Brooks in Fallen Angel (HD-1080p)

Wunder Woman has had enough of Super Gurls around the justice league. She’s going to put Super Gurl in her place or remove her permanently. Bending her over Wunder Woman puts a kryptonite plug into Super Gurls tight little ass. Her powers are drained and she’s transformed into a weak .

“Wunder Woman, What the fuck!” Super Gurl yells. With some kryptonite lotion, Wunder Woman rubs it all over Super Gurl’s tits and pussy keeping her from being able to free herself. Putting a respirator in her mouth and a weight belt on her, Wunder Woman thinks it’s for Super Gurls own good as she pushes her into the water.

Scene Two: Garden of Eden

Under the water Wunder Woman controls her body and her only source of air. Super Gurl struggles to do everything that Wunder Woman wants of her. Her big breasts are groped and her pussy is touched. She’s trained to be obedient.

Wunder Woman pulls the respirator from her only to give it back when she’s doing what Wunder Woman wants. Wunder Woman grinds on her tender weakened pussy and makes her cum in the water like a whore. Her face is shoved into Wunder Woman’s pussy and she’s to lick her new mistress or run out of air. Nice and broken Super Gurl leaves the pool with a lesson she’ll never forget.
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