Feb 012021

Christy Berrie – Sniffing Makes you Stupid

Christy Berrie – Sniffing Makes you Stupid
Bottle in your hand and you’re already weak. I’m going to turn you into stupid mush. Snort for Me immediately. The deeper you breathe the stupider you get and just like that, you look like a nasty little piggy with a swirly plug up your asshole. Fingering your slut hole isn’t enough today, and neither is this big plug! Snort and sniff as you plug your dirty hole for Me; you love the degradation. The way you shake your ass as you hold your breath tells Me you need more up there. I think you’re stupid enough to take the biggest dildo you can find! And if you’re going to take a bigger dildo, you’ll need to take bigger and deeper breaths. Your eyes will roll to the back of your head by the time this big dick is balls deep in your whore butthole. Nothing but pleasure exists when you’ve gone stupid for Me.
anal masturbation,prostate massage,sissy training,poppers fetish

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