Can’t Cum Without Anal

You are pathetic, such a loser that you can only cum when you have something in your ass. Doesn’t matter what it is, your cock begs for something to fuck your ass or you can’t cum! You can’t get off without feeling your asshole tighten around something. You need something to fill up your ass hole. You love it!
What do you put in there? You like gaping that asshole? GROSS! What if you were to whore yourself out and be a cum dumpster. Or maybe you just like the way it feels, maybe you don’t wanna be fucked you just wanna fuck yourself. You are nasty.
What do you think your friends would say if they knew what you liked to do? Do you think they would wonder what you put in there? You aren’t gay, right? You don’t wanna fuck cocks, right? Maybe you do like cocks, but you don’t know for sure!

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