Dec 272020

Charlotte Stokely – Humilidate 1 (1080p)

Charlotte Stokely – Humilidate 1 (1080p)
That was a lovely dinner but I can’t stop imagining you with a dick in your mouth.

Granted, I’ll bet not many girls bring big dildos with them on a first date, but I’ve found it’s become a necessity…

See, I’ve been having way to many wimps waste my time on these dates and it’s only fair that I push those wimps right into full blown cock whore status.

Now lean in closer and lick your lips like this…

Let’s see if this turns you on… it’s just a test… get under the table for a sec… no ones looking… get under there…

There’s something I really need to tell you… OK… well, the truth is…

YOUR’E ON TV!!’ Hahahaha… yes… it’s a show about losers that try to date girls that need REAL men… hahahaha
pantyhose fetish,sissy training,strapon pov,forced bi

Duration: 00:11:09 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 265.61 MB

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