Camv0y Classics – Palad1n C1ty Adventures 49-50

Featuring Ms. Nyxon as the villainess, Vixen Blackheart as she takes down 3 Avenging Ladies. Orange (Hannah Perez), Blueberry (Crystal Frost), and Lemon (Kody Evans) all fall prey to Vixen who uses the bop stick on each of them, then with each of them weakened uses her magic kiss to seduce them. From there, they are all under her command as all 4 partake in foot worship, kissing (with tongue), ass and breast worship. The villainess eventually departs, but not before making all 3 heroines succumb to one another. When they awaken, the 3 Avenging Ladies cannot keep their hands or lips off of each other. Also features some occasional tickling toward Blueberry Avenger. Features topless nudity.
tags:superheroine,superheroines,lesbian domination,lezdom,stroyline,froced orgasm,super hero, super heroines ,kiissing

Info :
Size: 1.93 GiB
Duration: 00:52:51
Resolution : wmv3, yuv420p, 1100×666, 8000 kb/s, 30.00 fps(r)
Format: WMV

Download – Lezdom_Camv0y.wmv