Wonder Coco vs Deimos

Deimos, Professor Cyber’s rival, goes on a mission to rescue Wonder Coco, now Cyber’s captive. An untrusting Wonder Coco is reluctant to help Deimos, who insists that she be his sidekick and take down Professor Cyber. Deimos then shows Wonder Coco that he has rescued her twin sister, Stellar Girl, but has her hostage. Still reluctant, she makes a deal with Deimos. They fight, if she wins, she gets to know where Stellar Girl is being held. If he wins, he agrees to help him fight Cyber. Both have a lot to fight for. After dominating for almost the entirety of the fight, Deimos uses dirty tactics to gain the upper hand and defeats Coco. She now must agree to help Deimos. First he reveals that he has perfected the magical lotion that Wonder Coco invented for her twin sister. The lotion gives them even more superpowers.
light bondage taser cradle carry mixed fighting (female vs. male) scissor holds Chokeholds Chloro KO Breast Groping costume destruction pantyhose desctruction topless
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