Jan 042021

Avery Black vs Sheena Rose

Avery Black vs Sheena Rose
Petite ladies are feisty. Avery Black and Sheena Rose are both small sexy minx. Both of these gems like to point their toes when they are turned on so we get to see some leggy maneuvers that look even sexier with the pointed toes, eyes rolling back and the mouth agape. The chemistry is excellent between these two horny ladies. Each girl dives in for pussy and ass while trying to avoid pins from their opponent. The Winner decides to tie up the loser in bondage so she can get her tiny little pussy hole fucked by a giant strap on cock. The two little lesbians scissor fuck each other until both cum.
Bondage, Fingers In The Pussy, Kissing, Strap On Fucking, Tribbing, Winner Fucks Loser
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight ,submission,humiliation,strapon,facesitting

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