Oct 272021

Sinn Sage vs Sheena Rose SOAP 589 Sexy Sinn Sage makes her long anticipated return to the Academy, taking on Sheena Rose in this sexfight challenge. Confident Sheena (5’4″, 110 lbs) thinks she will kick Sinn’s ass but experienced wrestler Sinn is a 5’5″ 140 lb powerhouse who intends to defeat her foe then sexually dominate and fuck her. Sinn goes on the attack, immediately trapping Sheena in a rear naked/ body scissor combo for the first submission. Feisty Sheena responds and wrestles her way to the top position, grabbing Sinn by the throat and taking her back. The rough knee to the groin followed by pins and body scissors surprise Sinn, who now knows she is in for a battle and is more intent than ever to make Sheena her bitch. Sinn comes back aggressively, punishing her rival with tight headlocks and rib crushing body scissor for submissions. Sheena proves to be a worthy adversary but Sinn’s relentless attacks overwhelm her and the loser must relent, now knowing her punishment is imminent. Sinn relishes dominating her victims and starts by pulling hair, slapping tits then face fucking Sheena’s mouth, shoving the cock down her throat and testing her gag reflex. She bends the loser over, spits on her twat then roughly fucks Sheena, deeply penetrating her tight pussy. Sheena has never been strapped like this as experienced Sinn slams the losers pussy while squeezing her tits, twisting her erect nipples, pulling her hair and making her cum. Next, Sin flips Sheena on her back, finger fucking and slapping her wet pussy. Sinn is intent on dominating and punishing her rival, so she fucks her again as hard as she possibly can, using deep, hard piston like thrusts until Sheena explodes in orgasm and assuring the loser knows her place
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