Sep 062018

Makayla vs Adrianna
Makayla Cox and Adriana Sephora are strutting their stuff in high heels, thigh high stockings, and black G-strings that come up over their shoulders. Their large perky breasts are out on display and both women seem justifiably proud. Their slinging of insults quickly leads to Makayla and Adriana using their tiny underwear to give each other some nasty frontal wedgies. Makayla throws Adriana to the mat and sits on her face. She wedgies and mauls Adriana’s crotch until Adriana is yelling for release. Adriana taps, but isn’t done fighting. She slams Makayla to the canvass and proceeds to use Makayla’s own thong to pick her almost completely off the mat. Once the underwear becomes too cumbersome, the ladies remove them and continue the fight wearing nothing but black thigh high stockings. Easier access to bare crotches always leads to more intense genital mauling. The wails of both women are proof of that. The winner puts her clothes and high heels back on. She also gets to keep the loser’s clothes. This forces the beleaguered underachiever to walk home naked and crying. This nude catfight is sure to be an instant classic!
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