Jun 162018

Susie Johnson vs Hollywood
Two of the best ever; Susie Johnson vs Hollywood – everyone wants to see these two go at it and again they put on one hell of a show. We never know who will win when these two go to war because they are so evenly matched. These ageless beauties are as tough as they come and Susie is first to control as she gets Holly in a sustained series of chokes and then stomps her from one end of the ring to the other. Finally Hollywood gets her chance at destruction with a stretching grapevine then a leg scissors full nelson combination and so many more amazing holds but Susie is always fighting and looking for her revenge avenue, can she find it or will Hollywood destroy her? A phone call ends the match as one rests her feet on her defeated foe – two of the very best showing us why they are still ageless wrestling super stars !!!!!!
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