May 162018

Continued from the last episode. In Part 1 of “The Price of Freedom,” we saw Patriot Girl confront the evil ‘Angelika’ (Tilly McReese) re: her having taken the Governors daughter. Patriot Girl demanded that Angelika give her back, but Angelika would only agree to release her if Patriot Girl submitted to a week of torment at her hands. As we saw in the debut episode, Patriot Girl eventually accepted this. In that episode, we saw Angelika begin slowly, using electric shocks on Patriot Girls’ sensitive nylon feet, but she couldn’t get her to admit defeat and becoming her willing slave, so it continues here.

Here in Part 2 – we open with Patriot Girl still bound and gagged in the same position, much much later. Her chest glistens with sweat as she struggles. In walks Angelika, who is ready for another round of electric torture. Multiple times, Angelika shocks Patriot Girls sensitive nylon feet, TAUNTING HER while she does it. Patriot Girl screams through her gag as she’s tortured. After she’s shocked her nearly a dozen times, Angelika REMOVES Patriot Girl’s ballgag to ask her if she submits and accepts defeat. Patriot Girl SPITS in her face in defiance. The sadistic Angelika replaces the gag, telling her that the torment will continues.

Later, we now find Patriot Girl (still gagged) now bound in a kneeling bondage device. Angelika decides she’s going to SEXUALLY TEASE and TORMENT her. Using a vibrator as well as her own hand, Angelika VIBES and TEASES Patriot Girls pussy in a HOT TEASE AND DENIAL scene, not letting Patriot Girl cum like the slut wants to! Briefly removing the gag in the scene, Patriot Girl still refuses to submit, and the torment continues.
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