May 262018

Liz Ashley vs. Sasha Heart
Liz Ashley gets on that middle rope and poses, she never looked so good as we see her body stats, Sasha Heart also shows off her stats and doesn’t believe Liz so out comes the tape to measure both chests. And before the big match we have a boob fight as each smashes her tits into her foe and pushes – breasts get squished till one finds victory. Now for a great multi fall match that focuses on breast abuse but also with great body slams and air plane spins. Yes these spunky babes go hard after their natural breast flesh; pinching nipples, gouging tits, smashing chests together and much more but also corner action with hard slugs that turn into body scissors and finally hard body slams that shake those compact breasts to their core, then twirled and dropped form on high until they can pin that damaged body. A long ten count and we are off for another great fall where these beautiful topless babes go hard after each other with more fabulous breast attacks and hard slams – beautiful ladies, topless from the beginning and wearing the smallest of bottoms, fun and wild, you gotta love these two !!!!!
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