Jan 142020


Emily Austin and Liz Ashley are some naughty wrestlers. They are already topless, wearing nothing but small thong underwear. They are chomping at the bit to get in the ring and start fighting. Unfortunately, they have a couple mini contests to do first. Emily and Liz begin with some Indian leg wrestling and end with some breast fighting. Finally the bell rings and the antsy young fighters come running out of their corners. Emily drops Liz face down on the mat and uses her sharp nails to dig and gouge Liz’s firm buttocks. Liz makes sure to get back at Emily in an equally painful attack. She takes Emily from behind and mauls Emily’s soft, natural breasts. With the match even, the girls agree one last tit fight might decide a winner. While it is fun to watch, Emily and Liz are simply too tough to lose. Pin after pin occurs without either girl giving in. It is only after a vicious Boston crab that one of the girls agrees she has lost. Emily and Liz are two beautiful blondes that are going to drive you wild in this classic style catfight. Strap in for the ride of your life.
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