May 082018

Kimberly Kane, Charlotte Stokely and Penny Pax
Charlotte is the prep school prude; so sweet, innocent and irresistible. Penny has had her eye on Charlotte for some time and today she takes her by force!
Penny grabs Charlotte in the hallways and begins groping her and fondling her perfect body. Charlotte is overwhelmed by Penny’s advances and is unable to fight her off.
The school principle, Miss. Kane see’s the two girls locked into what looks like consensual sex in the halls of her prestigious prep school and calls both of them to her office.
With Penny well on her way to being a valedictorian graduate naturally, Miss. Kane blames Charlotte for the vulgar indiscretion. When Charlotte tries to talk her way out of the situation Miss. Kane reveals a strap-on dildo beneath her pencil-skirt and immediately silences Charlotte with her cock.
Charlotte is surrounded by Miss. Kane and Penny, she ties to turn to prayer to help her out of the mess she’s in but to no avail. Charlotte gets her pussy stretched by Miss. Kane’s strap-on cock. She’s forced to suck pussy and worship Penny’s prefect tits and she’s made to cum while having lesbian sex with her principal and her dyke attacker.
Once they’ve had their fill of pretty little Charlotte they tell her to keep quiet. No one will believe the school prude over the principal and a straight A senior. Charlotte is now a lesbian schoolgirl sex slave, one of many at this all girl Catholic prep school!
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