Dec 142018

Sara Jay vs. Zoey Parker
Sara Jay and Zoe Parker are robed and in the ring where we learn that Sara has been seeing Zoe’s husband – and Sara is not a bit apologetic about it, in fact she tells her it’s because she is more of a woman, this is too much for Zoe and she spells out the rules of their fight. Robes come off and our naked babes prepare for battle, Sara pulls he foe close for some savage booty slamming, their robust butts batter till Sara knocks her into the ropes and down goes Zoe. Sara is soon atop her with knee in chest, then she sits on her tits, that beautiful butt smashing tits, then Sara slides down and plants her ass on Zoe’s where crack to crack she smashes. Soon they are in a tight bear hug where Sara uses her large breasts to squeeze the breath out of the blonde. Next is my favorite as they lie down on the canvas butt to butt and then smack them together, their cheeks jiggle and sway with each collision, so much fun to watch. A killer face sit that leads to much more amazing butt to butt destruction then Sara preforms some of the best breast smothering ever. Butts and breasts make this first section unforgettable !!!!!!
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