Zoey Foxx and Victoria Verve – Maid Of Dishonor

Victoria is getting married, and her maid of honor, Zoey, decided to take her out for one last night of fun. When they got home, she tells her friend she got her one more gift: a glass dildo, something they can have a little fun with before she is wed. Victoria does not like the idea of it, but Zoey insists they have some fun. Victoria won’t budge, so Zoey timestops her.

She starts to strip her friend and pose her with the dildo, making her play with herself, then unfreezes her to see how she likes it, Victoria freaks out, so Zoey stops her again. She continues the game, fucking her friend and licking her pussy, sucking on her nipples and posing her, then unstopping her to watch her freak out.

She gets her completely naked, then fucks her with the dildo, when she wakes Victoria up, she insists she leave, so she does. Later that evening, Zoey sneaks back in and crawls into bed with her friend, when Victoria wakes up, she freezes her then continues the fun, fucking her pussy and making Victoria lick her wet pussy, and playing with her sexy body.
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