Jun 282020

Yuno Captures You And Uses Your Body

Yuno Captures You And Uses Your Body
This is Episode 3 in my Yuno Gasai series. So far, we’ve watched Yuno transform to a cute little virgin to a sex crazed captor. In this boy/girl video Yuno’s craziness develops even further when she aptures her man and has her way with him. She hides him away from all the others who are trying to keep him away from her. She tries to get inside his head by using sex as a weapon for manipulation. She sweetly starts kissing him, getting more and more rough as her crazy side becomes more exposed. She sucks his cock, all the way down to the balls to show him that he can’t get service like this from anyone else. Yuno is the only girl that will do anything for him. She rides his cock until her hearts content until she milks his sweet cum out of him and swallows it, licking up every last drop. This is the first video I’ve done where I really tried to add some creativity with lighting and angles. I have many different angles, including POV angles during both the blowjob and sex scenes.
Categories: Blowjob, Bondage Sex, Femdom, POV, Swallowing / Drooling, Anime, Cosplay, Super hero, Superheroines.
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