Dec 182020

Your New Step-Mommy

Your New Step-Mommy
Step-Mommy knows best and I am going to show you how good it feels to be teased by step-mommy. Step-Mommy knows what makes you feel so good. Step-Mommy knows what makes you so hard. With the sweetest, innocent bb talk, how could you ever resist? The more I tease, the hard you get for step-mommy. Pump, pump, pump. Such a good little one. You love being told your step-mommy’s good boy. You want to earn to be called it while you cum, don’t you little bb! I’m going to tease you relentlessly to make you mine forever. No holding back now, step-mommy wants you and I always get what I want.
joi,mind fuck,taboo,stepmother,stepson

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