You Are Not Alone

It doesn’t where in the world you live. There are horny little sluts you like all over this world. Perverts just like you. All of them craving one thing, my cock. I know how you crave my cock. And you’re scared, you think it makes you some kind of freak. But I want you to know that you’re not alone. I want you to know that there are lots of freak, perverts, losers and sluts just like you. This planet is just full of bitches that would just love to suck my cock.
I know that the sight of my big strapon cock turns you on. I know it makes you so horny. You want to feel it deep inside of you. You long to be pinned down and fucked by me. To have your slutty holes used. You need it, you crave it. My cock. You just want to open up your mouth and swallow it, don’t you? You need my cock.You crave the cock of a sweet sexy girl like me. It’s your perverted fantasy and you are not alone. So many sluts share this fantasy all around the world. Each of you go to bed each night dreaming of my cock. Wanting it, needing it. You want to get fucked by a beautiful woman. It’s so erotic, so taboo. It’s so easy for me to put on my strap-on cock and entice sluts from all around the world. So many come crawling and begging for my cock. Just like you.So I want you to know that it’s ok, you are not alone. There are So many others who share this fantasy. Deep in your genetics is a need for cock. Think about it. The obsession with cock that so many have, it’s in your fucking DNA. You can’t help that you need cock. With my beauty, my power, my brains and a nice big cock, that’s all I need to take over.
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