Y0ur Hard C0ck Betrays Y0u, Fagg0t

Your desire for shiny things makes you easier to control. The way the light reflects off my shiny butt as I wiggle it drives you wild. Your shiny fetish controls you in such a way that ALL things shiny turn you on. Shiny cock, shiny muscles, shiny man ass… shiny anything. Do you feel like I tricked you? Too bad. That’s the problem with fetishes: it makes you susceptible to suggestion. You’re so turned on by shiny right now that you want to see what’s beneath it. You’re rock hard for cock, and it’s time for you to put it in your mouth. Time to admit that I didn’t trick you at all. You might like shiny bubble butt in shiny pants, but you love shiny cock even more. Repeat after me: “I’m a faggot.” Now you can have what you wanted all along: his big, shiny alpha cock. Even his cum is shiny, so eat it up. It’s what you really want, faggot.
This clip features elements of: Cock Worship,Cum Eating Instructions,Cumshot,Femdom POV,Gay Jerk Off Instructions,Muscle Worship,Oil Fetish,Coerced Bi, Shiny Fetish,Forced Bi

Info :
Size: 947.43 MiB
Duration: 00:12:23
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 25.00 fps(r) (und)
Format: MP4

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