Mar 172020

Xev Bellringer – The Love Demon

Xev Bellringer – The Love Demon
Everything is spiraling out of control… and on your first date with the girl of your dreams. Leia is perfect. Perfectly shy, perfectly sweet. She is the last person you’d ever want to greet with an open fly… and rigid cock. It wasn’t your fault! That… demon. That thing has always been responsible for ruining your love life…
The demon giggles as Leia retreats to the bathroom. Not only did it know your erection was on full display… the demon wanted Leia to see it… eager, excited, hard. For her. All of the things that make women wet… and that’s what you want… isn’t it?
If only that demon hadn’t put images in your head, made you see that innocent girl doing such dirty things to your cock. Now you can’t stop thinking about violating Leia… you can’t stop wondering what she is doing in the bathroom… That cock sucking, cum swallowing demon won’t let you. And somehow… somehow it seems to know EXACTLY what Leia is up to.
Pleasurable moans erupt from behind the door. Is that her? Is she… touching herself… to the thought of your cock… right now?? Leia stumbles out panting in sexual ecstasy, wearing lacy lingerie that you could have sworn she didn’t have on before. She is completely transformed… overcome by a primal need for your cock… and your cum. Leia doesn’t give you any time to respond before sitting down on your bulbous cock, swallowing you up into her tight little pussy. Over and over again.
Fantasy includes: fucking, creampie, blow job, cum in mouth, masturbation, groping, erotic magic, transformation, coercion, pov
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