X Club Wrestling’s “SEASON’S BEATINGS!”

In HD!
In recent weeks it has been made clear that The Dominator and “Ice Cold” Charlotte Stokely don’t like each other; in fact in their last encounter, The Dominator ended up stripping Ice Cold and ravishing her with a strapon in the middle of the ring!

Now Ice Cold wants a one-on-one match with The Dominator! But will she be able to overcome the Dominator’s incredible strength? Or will Ice Cold be beaten up, humiliated, and ravished all over again??

We’ve also seen the impressive debut of the Irish Spitfire, Lucky O’Shea, who defeated Andrea Rosu last week–only to be attacked by Rosu after the match! Lucky wants a rematch to PROVE she’s better than the powerful Rosu–but will Lucky prevail, or will Rosu brutalize her yet again??

Angela Sommers, one half of the Ocean Patrol, has been on something of a losing streak since her debut in XCW. In fact, Angela has been completely DESTROYED in every single one of her matches so far! So what will happen when we put Angela in a no disqualification, no referee, “I Quit” match with the most sadistic competitor in XCW history, “Nasty” Annie Gunn?? Does Angela have any shred of a chance of winning? Or will she be demolished and sexually humiliated like always??

Included in this HOT and exciting episode:

Wrestling, brawling, low blows, spanking, wediges, breast attacks, forearm strikes, back breaker holds, elbow drops, cleavage clench, chair shots, unwilling oral sex (hardcore!), vicious fingering (hardcore!), strapon ravishing (softcore), multiple kicks to the pussy, leg drops, submission holds, head butts, rag doll, beatdowns, stripping, fondling, head slams, KOs, head punches, RKO, flying leg scissors, humiliation, and much more!!

Starring Charlotte Stokely, Christina Carter, Lucky O’Shea, Andrea Rosu, Angela Sommers, Annie Cruz, and Ela Darling!
tags:catfight,lesbian domination,lezdom,female wrestling,spanking ,female fighting,Scissors,prostyle westling,prostylefantasies,prostyle fantasies,ring wrestling,topless,humiliation ,forced orgasmspanking,ass slapping ,pussy licking,submission

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