Wunder W0man and Wunder Girl vs. Dr. M1ndfuck

Wunder Woman and Wunder Girl have been summoned to the governor’s office to assist with a problem that threatens the entire capital city. A new villain is on the scene; Dr. Mindfuck. He claims to have a device with which he will be able to control the minds of the entire city. The superheroines are dispatched to recover the device and bring the villain to justice. Dr. Mindfuck awaits their arrival. He has a small hand held device ready to use on them. Wunder Woman and Wunder Girl arrive at his lair. Wunder Woman demands he put a stop to his plan. Dr. Mindfuck offers the small device to Wunder Woman. Just as she reaches out to take it he hits the button. Wunder Woman and Wunder Girl are under his control. Their minds are at the mercy of his voice. They respond nicely to his test commands. Dr. Mindfuck will follow through with his plans but first he shall enjoy the buxom duo. He offers his minion first choice. They stroke and fondle the duo. Wunder Woman and Wunder Girl are then commanded to suck their cocks. Dr, Mindfuck enjoys a slow wet blow job from Wunder Woman. He then commands the duo to lay back for a good fucking. He commands them to touch each other and kiss. He and his minion fuck them until they cum on their faces. Wunder Woman spits out Dr. Mindfuck cum onto her Amazon tits. The minion leads the duo out. What will become of the city now?
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