Wunder W0man Vs. Executi0ner

Entices you with; Superheroines, Villains, Bondage, Blowjobs, Oral Sex, Big Boobs, Fucking and Facial. HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Back at IADC Headquarters Steve Trevor is briefing Diana Prince on the latest case; a dangerous criminal known as the Executioner. He is famous for streaming his victim’s executions live on the internet. Criminals pay to see people executed over a secure internet channel. Steve pauses and then tells her that the latest intelligence is that the next victim is to be Diana. Later that night at Diana Prince’s home she is woken from a nap by a sound. She slips quietly into a closet and changes into Wunder Woman. A masked thug creeps into her room with a syringe. He jerks back the covers to find only pillows. Wunder Woman leaps from the closet, subdues him and uses her magic lasso to get him to reveal the secret location of the Executioner. Wunder Woman enters Executioner’s lair and searches the house quietly. She comes to his dungeon and confronts him. He points out an empty picture frame that will soon contain the photograph of his next victim. As Wunder Woman turns to look at the frame Executioner fires a dart into her ass. She collapses. She wakes up strapped into a chair, her belt and magic lasso missing. A thug is busily connecting cables and wires to various places on her body and the chair. Executioner is busy setting up his internet cameras while he explains the his audience has voted and paid to see her eliminated. The thug puts a hood over Wunder Woman’s head and tells Executioner that everything is ready. Executioner tells him to make sure the generator is fully charged. When it is Executioner motions for the thug to flip the switch. He flips the switch and nothing happens. As Executioner berates the thug he pulls off his mask and announces that he is Steve Trevor from IADC and he is under arrest. Steve had switched places with the thug and had disabled the generator. Back at a IADC safe house Wunder Woman and Steve Trevor walk into a bedroom. Wunder Woman thanks Steve for saving her. She asks what she can do to repay him. The years of sexual tension come to a head and Steve gently kisses her. They lovingly kiss and make their way to the bed. Steve buries his face in her bountiful breasts. After Steve removes the bottoms of her costume his disrobes to show his chiseled body. Wunder Woman takes his enormous cock into her mouth. He removes the remainder of her costume and buries his face in her nether regions before she takes his cock back into her mouth. Steve runs his cock back and forth across her pussy before he plunges in. He fucks her on her back and then from behind. Wunder Woman climbs on top of him and rides his cock. When he is ready to cum Steve straddles Wunder Woman and unleashes his cum all over her face. Once they were done Wunder Woman told him that she would have to use her magic lasso on him so he would not remember this incident.
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