“Wondra 10: Berserker Rage”, starring Iris Allen Extreme

Wondra is called in by Whiplash to take on a powerful Sandor beast. She figures that her Amazon powers will be enough to defeat the beast, but he is more powerful than she had thought and soon gets the upper hand. The beast punishes Wondra in a crushing bearhug, a shattering backbreaker, and a vicious pounding, but she survives and fights back against all odds. In the Peril version, Wondra wins, killing the beast by breaking his neck. In the Extreme/Death version, she also believes that she has killed the beast, until she turns her back to call in the clean-up crew. Then, he quickly buries his sword in her back, its point jutting from her chest in a spray of blood. She is done for, but the beast makes sure by snapping her pretty neck!
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