Wondergirl Meets Mesmer: Superheroine Rosie mesmerized to join the evil villain Blake LaVista in …

Mesimer (Blake) is always up to no good as she’s already planning her next heist, and she already has the perfect mark to do it for her. Wondering if her newest target is ever going to show up, Mesimer waits out in the open in her hideout and smiles as she sees Wondergirl (Rosie) finally show up!

Mesimer is acting all coy as Wondergirl is set to arrest her for stealing some priceless diamonds earlier on, but Mesimer has other plans! Taking out a mystical crystal, Mesimer slides and waves it in front of Wondergirl to get her into a trance as quickly as possible! Wondergirl tries to fight it off at first, but it doesn’t take long for her to be completely mesmerized by the waving of Blake’s crystal in front of her face!

Now that Mesimer has Wondergirl under her complete control, she uses her magical tactics to have Wondergirl completely under her spell. She has Wondergirl do things like twirl around and admit how much she is at Mesismer’s control with every snap of Mesmer’s snap of the fingers.

Now that Mesimer has a complete control over this supposed superheroine, she hands Wondergirl the mezmerizing crystal and instructs her to go attack Wonder Woman the same way with it. Wondergirl agrees to do so while still deep in her trance and leaves Mesimer to come up with more ways to take over the world with every superherione she starts to control.

This clip runs 10 minutes long and contains mesmerizing, superheroines, supervillians, mind control, and cosplay fantasies.
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