Wonderful Lady The Reckoning

Wonderful Lady returns to take down the dreaded villains who tormented her in Wonderful Lady Revenge. This time, Wonderful Lady intends to take the weakening elixir back with her for examination, after delivering justice to the villains. But when the evildoers turn the tables on her, revealing their plot to trap her, Wonderful Lady finds herself severely weakened and subjected to brutal torment, with little hope of rescue.
Includes: weakening elixir, belly punching, face punching, belly kicking, face slapping, dizziness, choking KO, ragdolling, bearhug, backbreaker, reaching, rag KO, lift and carry, cradle carry, bondage, AOH bondage, electro torture with taser, whipping, over the shoulder carry, unconsciousness, frisking, debooting, and more!
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