Wonder Women Captured!

Starring Bella Rolland & Diana Grace
Wonder Woman (Bella Rolland) and Wonder Girl (Diana Grace) have arrived at the lair of a dangerous human trafficking villain, General Warkiller (Tim Woodman). The Wonder Women easily defeat him but Warkiller is prepared to prey on their weakness: hubris. He reveals himself to be an ancestor of the Gargareans, an ancient tribe of men who were exploited and enslaved by the Amazons to ensure their all-female bloodline continued. Wonder Girl is appalled and asks Wonder Woman if it’s true. Under the influence of her own lasso, Wonder Woman is forced to admit the truth. Though as Princess she fought for better treatment of the Gargarians, it is still a dark chapter in Amazon history. Warkiller will now use the torture and enslavement of his captive Amazons to avenge his ancestors and take back Themyscira!
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