Wonder Woman Zapped to Submission: Magic control POV sim sex with Cali Logan (hd)

Cali Logan is just trying to mind her own business when an evil intruder tries to sneak into her apartment. Cali senses that this intruder has a nasty trick up her sleeve and calls it a bluff when the intruder says he has also captured SuperGirl as well. Cali isn’t going to let this pushover get his way and tries to transform herself into her powerful alterego Wonder Woman!

However as she spins around to transform herself, the intruder zaps her and she ends up in just her bra and panties along with her bracelets and power rope and boots. She is embarrassed at first but then her hands have a mind of their own and she starts feeling herself up and down while slowly gyrating and bending over! The lust and desire she has over her hands rubbing her is getting her extremely turned on more and more. The intruder wants to have some hot and heavy sex with for the ultimate control over her.

Wonder Woman won’t allow this to happen and tries to fight off the intruder, but the intruder just zaps her again. Now she’s completely nude, horny, and mounts on the intruder in a perfect POV top down view as she rides the intruder over and over until she builds up an increased orgasmic feeling!

After she finishes up an incredible ride with the intruder, she calls up her friend Supergirl and lets her know she’s ready to be rescued at the same building and she insists that the evil mastermind isn’t anywhere to be seen and that she’ll see her soon.

When Wonder Woman hang up, she asks the intruder if he’s down for another ride!
This clip run 11 minutes long and includes superheroines, embarrassed naked female, POV sex, and mind control.
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Duration: 00:11:25 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 749.54 MB

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