Wonder Woman vs Spider-Man

Spider-Man is surprised to find Wonder Woman (played by Constance) in “his town” and she quickly throws an insult his way by calling him the “Off-Beat Spider-Man.” He plays it cool until he attempts to sucker punch the super heroine who easily catches his punch, nearly breaking his wrist. Wonder Constance clamps on a standing headscissor that saps Spidey’s strength and transitions to a reverse headscissor for good measure. It’s only a matter of time until the “fake Spiderman” is out for the count. Wonder Constance is surprised how easy it was to knock him out, almost disappointed.

She poses over him, then steps on his carcass which happens to wake him up! He’s dazed and confused while Wonder Woman is ready for more punishment. Next up is a boston crab-nearly breaking his back and has him gasping for air. Spidey’s got no fight in him as he allows her to knock him out once again; this time placing him in a humiliating loser position for her to pose on.

At this point, Wonder Constance has not so much an opponent as he is her toy, and decides to give him a breast smother causing him to twitch until it’s lights out once again. She officially re-names him Offbeat Spider-man posing for the third time. Safe to say Wonder Woman has no issue completely dismantling the Spider, even trying to use his spider-web. It’s no use as she hits him with her signature washing machine KO scissor! This leaves Spider-Man incapacitated on the ground, no match for the super heroine today.
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