Wonder Woman The Wrath Of Ares DC

PART ONE – Diana Prince confronts Ares in her own home, she gets the upper hand until Eros joins in using his powers of arousal against her
PART TWO – Wonder Woman wakes up in Hades and finds that she is powerless to resist Ares in his realm. Eros joins in on groping and mocking her. She gets control back and fights both gods only to be overwhelmed again
PART THREE – Wonder Woman is taken deeper in to Hades where Ares and Eros take turns using her body, making her squirt and cum to add to her shame. Ares cums in her pussy and then she is thrown to her knees where she must not only suck Ares off but Eros too, Ares takes her first making her drool all over his cock and herself then finally, getting her mouth filled with his vile cum, then Eros throat fucks her, making her gag and choke until he too fills her mouth. Wonder Woman is left on her kness, covered in cum, drool and shame
PART FOUR – Director’s Cut – Now the Wonder Woman is weakened and humiliated beyond recovery Eros puts a Charm of Lust on her, she no longer even wants to resist, and even though she is filled with shame she longs for the cocks of the two gods that ravaged her. She craves the powerful orgasms they on her and lusts after their divine cum
Wonder Woman v Ares & Eros

Wonder Woman played by Alex Coal

Wonder Woman outfit

Costume same as in “Wonder Woman Defeated and Used Mercilessly”

Thigh High Boots as in “Wonder Woman Nabbed and Used”

Wearing red lipstick. Red polish on her finger nails

Ares costume (same actor as in “God of War”?)

Leathers like in “God of War”

Eros costume (same actor as in “Supergirl – Sexual Enslavement”?)

Same costume as in “Supergirl – Sexual Enslavement”
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