Wonder Woman Taken Against Her Will

(This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me or send me a DM) Similar to my previous two: 30 minutes of lots of dirty talk, lots of bj, lots of sex in different positions, anal, lots of griping your breasts, hips, ass, and grabbing your hair. Basically, I want WW to be dominated sexually and man-handled. As before, I want to really see your tits moving and swinging when you’re getting fucked. This time though, I’d like to tweak it up a little bit: – More of the squeezing and griping of your amazing breasts by your man. – more pussy-to-mouth bj between positions. – In the stranger danger movie, you get fucked from behind and it’s super-hot the way you grunt and gasp while being fucked. Please do that throughout this video while you’re getting fucked. More of feminine grunting sounds while you’re getting fucked by your man. I really liked the way you sounded in “Stranger-Danger”. Don’t overdo it with moaning that’s too loud and high pitched; use less of the high-pitched cooing and more of the “ungh” type sounds like you’re really feeling it. I’d like to hear you go “ungh” or “oh” or your other sexy feminine grunting sounds while you’re getting fucked and grabed by your guy. Deep and rushed breathing too is also good. Hope that makes sense? – Like my last one, I’d like to see you having sex after you’ve had a couple of cum shots to your face and hair. This time though, I’d like that portion to be even longer so I can see a little more of you with cum on your face while being fucked.
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