Wonder Woman Stripped

You get to see the POV of the villain. She is mean and ready to see if Wonder Woman Skye has the will power to resist her. The villain pulls out the watch to make Skye tired and under her control open to her suggestion. As Skye drifts away, the villain snaps her fingers and tells Skye that she will fall resting. She snaps her fingers again to make Skye collapse upon herself but she will stay napping. The villain begins to feel on Wonder Woman’s body and commenting on how helpless she is. The villain mocks Wonder Woman. Once Wonder Woman wakes up she questions what happened. The villain wonders is the great lost track of time. The villain regains control and makes Wonder Woman go back to rest with a pinch. Once she is rest the villain takes Wonder Womans boots off. The villain gets both boots off and Wonder Woman wakes. She wants to know what kind of evil powers the villain possess’. The villain wants to put Wonder Woman out again so she takes a couple of cheap shots and puts her out. The villain begins to play with Wonder Woman’s body saying she gave her no choice but to make her go to rest. Next the villain strips wonder woman of her power belt and puts it around herself. The villain comments on Wonder woman not being so special without her specialty items that she is being stripped of. Wonder Woman tries to warn the villain that the powers of her belt could destroy her. But the villain isnt listening to her and covers her mouth with a white rag. The villain plays with Wonder Woman a bit then decides to remove the corset. The villain likes Wonder Womans assets and decides to touch a little. Once she removes the corset she goes for the restof Wonder Woman’s clothes that she has on.
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