Wonder Woman Meets Dethstroke

Melody Jordan, Maxwell Bhear and Rock – Wonder Woman has just returned from her patrol to find Batman laying on her couch. She asks him what he is doing here, and he tells her that he had to see her and they embrace, he leads her to the couch and sits down and pulls his cock out and quickly goes to suck his cock. Batman pounds her face until he cums all over her face, then he leaves to go fight crime in Gotham. After Batman leaves, Wonder Woman cleans the cum off of her face and goes to get ready for another patrol, but as her back is turned, Dethstroke comes out of the closet, ready to destroy her. He fires but she deflects every shot with her bracers, and runs up to confront Dethstroke. They fight, but Wonder Woman is quickly bested by the power and speed of Dethstroke, and he carries her away. Deep in a secret warehouse, Dethstroke carries Wonder Woman into a cell, and waits till she awakes, when she does she runs to the door and tells him that the bars won’t be able to hold her, Dethstroke tells her that he knows, and motions toward an air tank, and turns it on, the cell begins to fill with gas and Wonder Woman goes down, he straps her down to a bench, and ties her legs up and wheels a fucking machine in as she starts to come to. She asks what he has done to her, and he explains that the gas was filled with mind changing nanobots that are activated by the chemicals released during orgasm, and soon she will be under his control. He activates the machine, and grabs an powerful vibrator and rubs it on her clit while the fucking machine pounds her tight Themysciran pussy, until she has a screaming orgasm and squirts everywhere, but she’s different now. Dethstroke unties her and tells her that she is going to help him destroy the League Of Good. *Explicit Sexual Content
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