Dec 232020

Wonder Woman Futa Goddess

Wonder Woman Futa Goddess
After a long day of fighting crime all I want to do when I come home is drain my BALLS. And you are going to help me. Wonder Woman didn’t just have an invisible plane – she has a huge invisible COCK that she only shows when she is super horny! I make you get down on your knees and worship my length and girth with your mouth while I dominate you and talk dirty to you. Then I make you bend over so I can fill you full of my throbbing cock, fucking you over and over before making you climb on top of me so you can bounce on my cock while I stroke you off! When I can’t take it anymore I make you get back down on your knees so I can fill your mouth with LOADS of my superhero cum – and it’s a HUGE LOAD! You will never be the same after you’ve been fucked by the Wonder Woman Futa Goddess!
Categories: Futa, Female Domination,strapon,Cock Worship, Strap-On, Wonder Woman, Cosplay, superheroine porn,superheroines fetish

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